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I am one of Anatolia’s sons, born in Dikilitaş, the highlands of a remote mountain village in the Taurus Mountains south of Konya. My mother tells me that it was in the afternoon, the time when the herd of goats is ushered down to the highland settlement.
7 Ağustos 2018

Better Judiciary For Turkey and the World

Turkey is situated in one of the world’s most sensitive spot as far as both opportunities and difficulties are concerned. The world’s most […]
31 Temmuz 2018

How Have I Come to Establish Better Justice Association

I was inspired to strive for a “better judiciary movement” when I personally witnessed the difference between those countries in which the principle […]
27 Haziran 2018

A Better Judiciary to Realise Turkey’s Potential

Mehmet Gün, senior partner at Gün + Partners, examines the difficulties facing the Turkish judiciary and how essential a first-class justice system is […]
27 Haziran 2018

Lawyer Monthly Interviews

Every month. Lawyer Monthly’s In Profile: An Interview With … feature speaks to experienced lawyers to find out about their work. any recent […]
27 Haziran 2018

In Search Of A Smart Judiciary In Turkey And Europe

Mehmet Gün, senior partner at Gün + Partners, Istanbul, traverses the gaps in Turkish and continental civil procedure, where inefficient disclosure rules are […]
27 Haziran 2018

Attempted Coup’s Impact on Turkish Judiciary

The failed coup represents the loss of almost one fifth of the judicial workforce in one go. It leaves an enormous workload, as […]